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Using My LottoPredict System...

What would you do with a Big Win? Here's my Aston Martin Vanquish and my Mercedes SL600 - both bought by lotto! See Fiona's $100k win below - and discover how you can beat the odds to win the lottery!

From: Ken Silver
- The Silver Lotto System Founder


he LottoPredict (was called Lotto-80 - I renamed it a couple weeks ago) Green/Red Play Formula may be my biggest breakthrough since I invented the Silver Lotto System back in 1991.

Imagine having the key to a secret website that could predict your game's winning odds with up to 92% accuracy - and do it in less than 2 seconds!

There's no other lottery system I know of that has these huge odds advantage.

"My LottoPredict Green/Red Light Play System is 92% Win Rated. This Breakthrough Could Rocket Your Win Chances!"

Lottery Winners Get A Massive Boost

Fiona is one of many LottoPredict Winners who finally cracked the jackpot and took home $100,000.00! And the number of Lotto-80 users and winners are growing!

How LottoPredict Gets You Results

LottoPredict is simple... because I've done all the hard work for you. I calculate which of many of the world's games have the best chance of a win when used with the Silver Lotto System.

LottoPredict is a membership website containing play predictions for over 100 game days around the world. It is designed so you use it together with your Silver Lotto System.

For you, the Silver Lotto System player, it can't get any easier. Just join LottoPredict and consult the password protected web page when you want to play.

Then look for your game.

Here's the 2-Second Formula

In the LottoPredict membership site you'll see selected upcoming games for many games around the world. Opposite each game is a simple colored box. Select your game.

This box will tell you how well this game will match your Silver Lotto System Profile for the next lottery you're going to play for the upcoming week.

LottoPredict tells you whether you should play this week... or save your money for a better week. And you can decide in less than a couple of seconds!

Country - State,, Game - - Balls/Nos Day Play
Your Country Lotto 6/49 Sat
Another Country LottoGold 6/52 Wed
Further Country LottoPlay 5/36 Tues

(Illustration only. There are over 100 game days available)

I even give further percentages of probable win chances: 25%, 50% and 75% in orange squares.

Here YOU can decide whether you want to take the chance and play all - or just some of your lines.

You just play--or not--as directed. It couldn't be easier!

Forget About Complex Sums

Imagine having your Silver Lotto System numbers ready to go this week, then being told exactly WHEN to play them for best results.

  • No complex sums.
  • No pens or pencil calculations.
  • No adding, subtracting.
  • No playing around with figures.
  • No guessing which week is the best one to play!

Just log in and consult your game on the chart. You get an instant decision that tells you whether you should play this week, or save your money for the next game.

Here's The Advantages:

It will save you a lot of wasted play money. Imagine not playing in any week--and welcoming the chance to save your money for the next game!

You only play when the conditions are right. Each time you see the Green Light against your game, you know your chances are higher.

You don't have to worry about whether your play money is being spent correctly. No more regrets!

LottoPredict Is For Serious Players At
The Lowest Possible Cost

LottoPredict is the result of a long period of research and calculated strategies.

The Silver Lotto System works by discovering patterns of play, then working round them.

The LottoPredict system is calculated in the same way.

I have discovered patterns of play among many of the world's major games that merge with the Silver Lotto System Profiles to accelerate my win earnings.

Play Most Games Around The World

Here's a list of games that can be played using LottoPredict. More are being added constantly:

Atlantic 49 - Canada
BC49 - Canada
Belgium Lotto
Big Wednesday - New Zealand
Classic Lotto - Connecticut
Classic Lotto 47 - Michigan
Gold Lotto - Australia
Gold Lotto - Australia
Grand Lotto - Philippines
Hoosier Lotto - Indiana
Hot Lotto - Delaware
Hot Lotto - Dist. of Columbia
Hot Lotto - Idaho
Hot Lotto - Iowa
Hot Lotto - Kansas
Hot Lotto - Maine
Hot Lotto - Minnesota
Hot Lotto - Montana
Hot Lotto - New Mexico
Hot Lotto - North Dakota
Hot Lotto - Oklahoma
Hot Lotto - South Dakota
Hot Lotto - Vermont
Hot Lotto - West Virginia
Lotto - Australia
Lotto - Britain
Lotto - Colorado
Lotto - Florida
Lotto - Greece
Lotto - Illinois
Lotto - Ireland
Lotto - Louisiana
Lotto - Missouri
Lotto - New York
Lotto - New Zealand
Lotto - South Africa
Lotto - Washington
Lotto 642 - Philippines
Lotto 649 - Canada
Lotto Max - Canada
Mega Millions - Arizona
Mega Millions - Arkansas
Mega Millions - California
Mega Millions - Colorado
Mega Millions - Connecticut
Mega Millions - Delaware
Mega Millions - Dist. of Columbia
Mega Millions - Florida
Mega Millions - Georgia
Mega Millions - Idaho
Mega Millions - Illinois
Mega Millions - Indiana
Mega Millions - Iowa
Mega Millions - Kansas
Mega Millions - Kentucky
Mega Millions - Louisiana
Mega Millions - Maine
Mega Millions - Maryland
Mega Millions - Massachusetts
Mega Millions - Michigan
Mega Millions - Minnesota
Mega Millions - Missouri
Mega Millions - Montana
Mega Millions - Nebraska
Mega Millions - New Hampshire
Mega Millions - New Jersey
Mega Millions - New Mexico
Mega Millions - New York
Mega Millions - North Carolina
Mega Millions - North Dakota
Mega Millions - Ohio
Mega Millions - Oklahoma
Mega Millions - Oregon
Mega Millions - Pennsylvania
Mega Millions - Rhode Island
Mega Millions - South Carolina
Mega Millions - South Dakota
Mega Millions - Tennessee
Mega Millions - Texas
Mega Millions - Vermont
Mega Millions - Virginia
Mega Millions - Washington
Mega Millions - West Virginia
Mega Millions - Wisconsin
Megabucks - Maine
Megabucks - New Hampshire
Megabucks - Oregon
Megabucks - Vermont
Megabucks - Wisconsin
MegaLotto 645 - Philippines
Mon & Wed Lotto - Australia
Mon & Wed Lotto - Australia
National Lottery - Britain
Oz 7 Lotto - Australia
Oz Lotto - Australia
Oz Lotto - Australia
Pick Six - New Jersey
Powerball - North Carolina
Powerball - Arizona
Powerball - Arkansas
Powerball - Colorado
Powerball - Connecticut
Powerball - Delaware
Powerball - Dist. of Columbia
Powerball - Florida
Powerball - Georgia
Powerball - Idaho
Powerball - Illinois
Powerball - Indiana
Powerball - Iowa
Powerball - Kansas
Powerball - Kentucky
Powerball - Louisiana
Powerball - Maine
Powerball - Maryland
Powerball - Massachusetts
Powerball - Michigan
Powerball - Minnesota
Powerball - Missouri
Powerball - Montana
Powerball - Nebraska
Powerball - New Hampshire
Powerball - New Jersey
Powerball - New Mexico
Powerball - New York
Powerball - New Zealand
Powerball - North Dakota
Powerball - Ohio
Powerball - Oklahoma
Powerball - Oregon
Powerball - Pennsylvania
Powerball - Rhode Island
Powerball - South Africa
Powerball - South Carolina
Powerball - South Dakota
Powerball - Tennessee
Powerball - Texas
Powerball - Virginia
Powerball - Washington
Powerball - West Virginia
Powerball Australia
Mega Toto - Malaysia
Super 7's Oz Lotto - Australia
SuperLotto 649 - Philippines
SuperLotto Plus - California
Tattslotto - Australia
Texas Lotto - Texas
The Pick - Arizona
Toto - Singapore
Western 649 - Canada
Money Ball - Virginia
X lotto - Australia

You Can Be A Complete Beginning Lotto Player... Or A Regular Player - And Easily Use The Power Of The LottoPredict System

You can be new to the Silver Lotto System and happily use it right now. Lotto-80 works for all levels of play because it is absolutely simple to use.

It's Time To Start Winning

Don't let the simplicity of the Red/Green results fool you - getting the play predictions right each week is an exacting process. And the Lotto-80 process has taken me a long time to figure out.

Evaluating and predicting the LottoPredict play each week is time-consuming and complex. But through the buying power of a mass audience, I can do it cheaper! It's only $7.80/month (down from $19/month).

For such a tiny amount, I'm not even going to bother typing any more to try and persuade you. It's truly a bargain for the price!

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Happy Winning!

Ken Silver
"Helping Lotto Players Become Winners"
Silver Lotto System founder, since 1991.

PS. Please allow 48 hours for me to process your order and open a membership for you. However, I'm evaluating a fully automatic membership system right now, and if I go ahead I'll have to double the membership price to pay for it. So get in now - before I figure it out!


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*Disclaimer: Your own results may vary. The LottoPredict/Lotto-80 system is not a guarantee of a win of any size. It is a recommendation based on predictive calculations that may or may not be correct for the times shown. As with all lotto and gaming programs, the system acts only as a guide to more accurate playing, but cannot guarantee wins. The owners, promoters and agents of LottoPredict/Lotto-80 cannot compensate for any losses, and the membership is nonrefundable.

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